The aim of the practice is to:

  • Provide a quick response to treatment requests
  • Offer appointments within 24 hours for acute clients

  • Offer appointments within 72 hours for non-acute clients

  • Help people understand what’s wrong with them through accurate diagnosis and enable them to get better without fear
  • Not just fix the current injury but ensure that the cause is identified and a rehab plan is put into place to improve general biomechanics and wellbeing
  • Help people stay active and enjoy playing sport

  • Educate local sports club members and clients on injury prevention

  • Provide educational lectures to sports club members, coaches other local interest groups and GPs as they request them

  • Maintain BUPA accreditation and partnership

  • Provide relevant medical practitioners ie GPs and Consultants with accurate diagnoses and feedback on clients as required

Our therapists

Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd

Osteopath and Practice Manager

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Alastair Jones

Chartered Physiotherapist

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Andrew Cooper

Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

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Megan Wilson

Chartered Physiotherapist

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