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Initial Consultation

Due to social distancing guidelines we would ask you to arrive on time for your appointment, waiting in your car if you are early. Your physiotherapist will meet you in the reception area.

The physiotherapist will begin your appointment with a detailed medical history so they have all the background information they need about your current issue. They will then do a complete assessment to identify the cause of your symptoms. They will explain their conclusions and answer any questions you may have. This will allow them to develop a specific treatment plan for you.


Depending on where the issue is the physiotherapist may ask you to remove some clothing. It is advisable to come with shorts if it is an issue with your lower back, hips or legs and perhaps wear a vest if the issue is in your back, neck, shoulders or arms. It’s important that you are comfortable and also that the physiotherapist can see the area well.

They will then observe you doing some basic movements in standing, sitting or lying positions. They may also move your limbs to check the flexibility or may palpate (feel) to get a sense of what is happening in the tissue.

Generally the tests are pain free but some may cause mild discomfort. Be sure to give them feedback on how it is feeling. This will help them determine the cause of the symptoms.


There is a wide range of treatment approaches that the physiotherapist can take. Your physiotherapist will decide on what will be the most effective for your issue, with your agreement. There are always alternative treatment approaches if you would prefer not to have a particular type of technique, and you can always change your mind at any time.

You may feel a little sore, tender or tired after the treatment, this is not unusual. You may leave feeling better, in less discomfort, or have more range of movement and flexibility.

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