You can now book on-line using our online booking system.

Alternatively, please call 01420 613026 to book via our reception service. (If we are treating clients or if you are calling out of hours your call will automatically be directed to reception.) We will return your call within 24 hours.

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At your first appointment, we will have a brief discussion on the nature of the injury and if treatment is required. If the condition falls within the scope of the Practice we will be able to offer you a choice of appointment times, clarify the cost of treatment, payment methods, cancellation fees, procedures, and Practice location. If the condition does not fall within the Practice’s scope of Conditions that we treat, then we will advise you of the most appropriate place to go. If the assessment indicates that treatment may be beneficial, then the treatment plan, goals, and predicted outcomes will be discussed and agreed with you and further appointments booked as required.

If the assessment indicates that no further physiotherapy is required, this will be explained fully to you and no further appointments will be made.

To book an appointment please use the online booking system

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